80’s meets the 70’s– Katherine & Jordan

Photographed by Mark Cantalejo
Styled by Eloise Daniot
Hair and Makeup by Wenwen Zaspa and Abbai Pila
With special thanks to Wedding Essentials Magazine
jordan&katherine80smeets70s12 jordan&katherine80smeets70s13 jordan&katherine80smeets70s14 jordan&katherine80smeets70s15
jordan&katherine80smeets70s18 jordan&katherine80smeets70s19 jordan&katherine80smeets70s0 jordan&katherine80smeets70s1 jordan&katherine80smeets70s2 jordan&katherine80smeets70s3

jordan&katherine80smeets70s8 jordan&katherine80smeets70s9 jordan&katherine80smeets70s10 jordan&katherine80smeets70s11 MK3_4437w jordan&katherine80smeets70s20 jordan&katherine80smeets70s21 jordan&katherine80smeets70s22 jordan&katherine80smeets70s23 jordan&katherine80smeets70s24
jordan&katherine80smeets70s26 jordan&katherine80smeets70s27


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