Kathleen’s Bonbons and Bullets

November 2013

A pre-debut shoot photographed by Robo Formacion
Styled by Eloise Daniot
Props by Eloise Daniot
Hair and makeup by Jay Failanga
Shot at The Henry
Kathleen Pre-debut-8

Kathleen Pre-debut-10

Kathleen Pre-debut-11

Kathleen Pre-debut-16
Kathleen Pre-debut-28

Kathleen Pre-debut-32

Kathleen Pre-debut-33

Kathleen Pre-debut-35

Kathleen Pre-debut-36
Kathleen Pre-debut-40
Kathleen Pre-debut-43

Kathleen Pre-debut-51
Kathleen Pre-debut-53
Kathleen Pre-debut-56

Kathleen Pre-debut-58

Kathleen Pre-debut-62

Kathleen Pre-debut-63

Kathleen Pre-debut-68

Kathleen Pre-debut-76

Kathleen Pre-debut-77

Kathleen Pre-debut-86

Kathleen Pre-debut-106

Kathleen Pre-debut-113

Kathleen Pre-debut-117
Kathleen Pre-debut-119


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