Kasey & Steve Engagement shoot

Photographed by Robo Formacion
Styled by Eloise Daniot
Props, bouquet and jewelry by Eloise Daniot
Hair and makeup by Wenwen Zaspa and Abbai Pila

Bisuy and Biba-78
Bisuy and Biba-80

Bisuy and Biba-83

Bisuy and Biba-86

Bisuy and Biba-90

Bisuy and Biba-91

Bisuy and Biba-95

Bisuy and Biba-96

Bisuy and Biba-99

Bisuy and Biba-100

Bisuy and Biba-107

Bisuy and Biba-110 Bisuy and Biba-111

Bisuy and Biba-112 Bisuy and Biba-113 Bisuy and Biba-119 Bisuy and Biba-116

Bisuy and Biba-120

Bisuy and Biba-133


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